We used the app activity data gathered from more than 50 Million Nike athletes, Nike's global network of experts, coaches, trainers, etc. and 1:1 messaging to create the latest innovation in Nike's ongoing mission: to bring inspiration and innovation to all athletes.

The wealth of athlete data that Nike has collected through its apps showed that the hardest thing for athletes is staying committed to their goals over time. So, as our core audience moved away from public platforms into private chat channels, we created a human-driven messenger-based service that keeps athletes engaged over time and that proves that Nike can help you crush your performance goals, whatever they may be.

We created a bespoke profiling interface that cross-referenced the athletes' stated goals with their activity data, so that Nike experts could deliver personalised guidance, surface the right Nike services and help move each athlete towards their goals.

From a user’s perspective, they message Nike on WhatsApp and get help from someone who gets to know them personally and who does everything in Nike’s power to help them crush their goals: everything from setting up 1-on-1 training with professional athletes to getting them in the backdoor of sold out Nike Training Club sessions.

The result was an 83% Net Promoter Score for the service and a proof of concept for the next generation of Nike's athlete services.


Eurobest: Grand Prix, Creative Data

Webby Awards: Bronze award for Mobile Campaign: Fashion, Luxury & Accessories category

Shorty Awards: Winner of Best Use of WhatsApp category

Clio Sports: Gold award for Direct: Digital/Mobile, Silver award for Innovation: Medium Innovation and Bronze for Digital/Mobile: Other


Creative Director – Nick Paget
Creative Director – Paris Lawrence
Client Partner – John Wilson
Strategy Director – Kathryn Chalmers
Senior Strategist – Harry Peacham
Technology Director – Anthony Baker
Senior Producer – Rob Kent
ssociate Producer – Dami Kelekun
Designer – Josh Yee


To launch Nike's lightest and fastest running shoes ever, we targeted hardcore runners by creating an installation that turned running routes, tracks and paths into the speed traps. The laser trip wires set up 10 meters apart clocked your speed as you ran along the track and the screen displayed how fast you were going. A thermal printer then printed out the first ever speeding ticket you wanted to get.

Creative Director: Nick Paget
Creative Director: Paris Lawrence
Creative Team: Andy Bull & Pete Brown
Senior Designer: Matias Alvarez
UX Designer: Jana Hernandez
Tech Director: Anthony Baker
Senior Producer: Carolyn Taylor
Associate Producer: Insa Tews


To launch NIKEiD in Eastern Europe and the Middle East during the annual global celebration of Air Max, we had our work cut out for us: achieving cultural relevance in places as distinct as Dubai, Moscow and Athens was no easy task. And creating an experience that would scale to each of the different markets in an impactful way had its own challenges. So we used technology to go beyond being culturally relevant, to being personally relevant. We created a software application that transformed readily available hardware (a Kinect, a screen, a CPU and a printer) into installations that automatically generated bespoke NIKEiD Air Max based on what each individual passerby was wearing.

Creative Directors: Nick Paget / Paris Lawrence
Creative Teams: Abdou Cisse & Akwasi Poku / Angela Heyrabedyan & Luca Grosso
Lead Designer: Josh Yee
UX: Jana Hernandez
Lead Software Engineer: Sebastien Jouhans
Tech Director: Anthony Baker
QA Engineer: Rakesh Bikkumandla


To female audiences to Nike's online style guide from offline media, we used Shazam's new image scanning feature to create Nike's first ever Shazamable print ads: just scan the ad with Shazam to "unlock the latest looks".  

Creative Director: Nick Paget
Creative Director: Paris Lawrence
Designer: Francesca Zanuso


There's only so much you can tell people about milk's intrinsic value that they don't already know. And so instead of just creating another site about milk, we created a lifestyle publication to increase Natrel milk's extrinsic value. 

Creative Director: Nick Paget
Creative Director: Edmund Lam
Lead Strategist: Gigi Huyn
Copywriter: Gabrielle Lafontaine
Art Director: Sophie Pepin



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