To drive sales of the next generation of Nike sportswear, we worked with the next generation of Nike athletes. We created a 360 campaign that highlighted the bold attitude of young guns on the cusp of greatness: Remember The Name.

The campaign consisted of four athlete films, out-of-home, Instagram stories, retail takeovers, a bespoke hub where users could shop the athletes' looks and a Snapchat geo-filter that enabled people to sign their autographs on their photos above the campaign line: Remember The Name.

Creative Director: Nicholas Paget
Creative Director: Paris Lawrence
Creative Team: Abdou Cisse & Akwasi Poku
Lead Designer: Josh Yee
Client Partner: Jack Wright


When we were asked to create the digital portion of Dewar's The Drinking Man's Scotch campaign, we built a rich online experience and a useful digital resource called The Drinking Man's Guide.

We began by hosting live events for influencers, complete with original Dewar's swag.

We partnered with lifestyle and whisky bloggers to create content around the three themes of our campaign: individuality, brotherhood and seduction. 

This content drove people to our hub where users could take a page out of The Drinking Man's Guide and become immersed in our campaign universe. Users navigated the full screen experience by choosing which of the characters in the dive bar they wanted to learn from.

Then they watched a short film about the selected character, each of whom embodied one of the campaign's themes. For instance, the film about One Man Gang, a pacifist with a temper, taught the following lesson about Individuality: "The most interesting blends, make for the strongest character."

After watching the films, users could use one of the tools we built to create pieces of social capital. For instance, after watching the film about One Man Gang, they could call out their friends for their own "blended personalities" by inputting their friend's image, choosing two contradictory characteristics and then sharing the image they created.

Our social media channels consisted of tips and idioms that we came up with like "Character limit shouldn't limit character". We also ran several contests to build up a significant CRM and then produced a regular e-newsletter full of entertaining stories and helpful tips.   

Our wide ecosystem leveraged relationships with an existing network and content produced by influencers to draw people to our hub where they could experience even richer content and create shareable artifacts so that their visit would then echo on social media and draw likeminded young men of distinction into the campaign. 

In all, The Drinking Man's Guide was far more than a campaign. It was the entertaining digital experience and useful online resource that our audience wanted.

Creative Director/Copywriter: Daniel Chandler
Creative Director/Art Director: Dan Brooks
Copywriter: Nicholas Paget
Art Director: Jean Daniel Petit
Web Designer: Etienne Saint-Denis


To encourage runners across Europe to #getouthere with Nike this winter, we created a through-the-line campaign that included innovative OOH, social drivers, an epic event and online content. 

Running in the winter isn't for the faint of heart, so we specifically targeted hardcore runners by printing the invitation to our event in glow-in-the-dark ink on top of regular Nike OOH along popular nighttime run routes.


We then hosted an epic Nike Run Club event  in which we provided the pacers with Pixel Sticks and the runners with Xyloblands in cities across Europe during the hour when the clocks went back.

We captured spectacular images from the events across Europe and then syndicated the content on Nike's social channels and inspired more runners to #getouthere with Nike during the winter.

Creative Director: Nicholas Paget
Creative Director: Paris Lawrence
Creative Team: Mat Scholes & Piet Rossouw
Client Partner: Charlie Smith

Speak With Your Cap

New Era NFL caps, the official on field headwear of the NFL, allow football fans to express their passion for their team. So we enlisted the help of 32 die hard fans from around the world to help us spread that message.

We brought the 32 Fans to New York for an epic NFL experience and a super shoot.


We created a content series of their messages of fandom based on interviews with each of the fans.

We featured them in our in-store posters with headlines that summed up their outlook on the season which internally we called "CAPtions". 


We rewarded the most vocal fans on Twitter by giving discounts on the caps of the team whose fans tweeted the most during games.


We enabled fans to speak with their caps on Facebook by creating a cover photo generator. 


And we ran a contest on Instagram in which one lucky fan got tickets to the Super Bowl for uploading a photo of them pointing to their caps after their team won with #toldyou.


Creative Director: Brandon Drew Jordan Pierce
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Nicholas Paget
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Jean Daniel Petit
Copywriter: Brad Getty
Art Director: Jamie Gurnell
Designer: Daniel Julien


When we were tasked with getting a younger male audience interested in Cirque du Soleil's epic Las Vegas show KA, we worked with Marvel Comics to create an original comic book that told the story of KA. Then we created a site where users could preview the comic book, see sketches from the artist and select which of the tribes in the world of KA they would join for a chance to be immortalized in the comic book from Cirque du Soleil and Marvel. The winner was selected from the tribe with the most members and so users had a reason to invite their friends to join the same tribe.

Creative Director: Alvaro Perez del Solar
Copywriter: Nicholas Paget
Art Director: Pat Dufresne


As part of New Era's #wearyourallegiance campaign, we created a content series, a live streamed event, retail posters and a social resource. Our content series featured rising hip hop stars telling stories about the cities they represent.

We hosted a concert in NewYork featuring recording artists Mayer Hawthorne and Masta P and live streamed it for 300,000 people on

We created in fly posters shot by RJ Shaughnessy.


And we created a Tumblr page where we aggregated the dope cultural spaces where people wear their allegiance.


Creative Director: Brandon Drew Jordan Pierce
Art Director: Jean Daniel Petit
Copywriter: Nicholas Paget
Web Designer: Marc-André Dandurand



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