I'm currently the Creative Director of the Nike account at R/GA London. Prior to this I was the Creative Director of the digital consultancy CloudRaker and before that I was an Associate Creative Director in the international group at SID LEE. Here is some of my work.

Nike On Demand

When we were asked to redefine the role that Nike played in athletes' lives, we didn't just tell people to Just Do It. We used Nike's athlete data and 1:1 messaging to create a service that proved that Nike can actually help you Just Do It, whatever 'it' may be.

New Era Integrated Campaign

To announce that New Era was had become the official on-field headwear provider of the NFL, we featured New Era's most vocal brand advocates in an digitally-led integrated campaign that invited NFL fans to: Speak With Your Cap.

Click here to learn more about the campaign.

Kijiji TVC's

When we were asked to drive traffic to Canada’s largest classifieds site, we highlighted the incredible range of things available on the site by shooting two TV spots that featured only items that were for sale in our area. Then we featured the users we borrowed the items from in behind-the-scenes online content.

NIKEiD Interactive Out Of Home

To launch Nike's online customization service NIKEiD in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, we created interactive installations that generated custom sneakers based on people's outfits and then printed a photo with a link to purchase their design online. 

Cirque du Soleil x Marvel Comics

To get younger male audiences excited about the Cirque du Soleil's show KA, we worked with Marvel to create an original limited edition comic book about the show and invited fanboys to join one of the tribes of KA to be immortalized in the comic book.

Nike Running UGC Film

To reward the runners who their ran fastest mile with Nike this summer, we featured them all in a film made up of the photos that they had shared with Nike and that had been captured at Nike Run Clubs during the campaign.  

Sleeping Dogs Global Launch Spot

To launch the video game Sleeping Dogs worldwide, we highlighted the game's unique undercover cop storyline by juxtaposing the way a typical Hong Kong police officer is expected to act and the way the game's undercover protagonist operates.

Nike Running Interactive Installation

To promote Nike's lightest and fastest running shoe ever, we didn't carpet bomb people with ads; we created a share-worthy experience especially for highly active runners. We invented the world's first speed trap that actually rewarded people for speeding.

Coca-Cola Cold Climate Can


When we were asked to raise awareness of Coca-Cola’s initiative to protect the polar bear’s cold habitat, we proposed printing the polar bears on the can in thermochromatic ink that disappears at room temperature.

When the cans were in people’s fridges, there were polar bears. But without a cold habitat, the polar bears would disappear. This was, regrettably, not produced. (It's the one that got away.)

Dewar's Whisky Digital Campaign

When we were asked to create the digital expression of Dewar’s The Drinking Man’s Scotch campaign in the US, we created a resource called The Drinking Man's Guide where young men could access useful content created by lifestyle influencers, create personalized memes and watch premium short films like the one below.

Click here to learn more about this campaign.


As I mentioned above, I am a Creative Director working in London. To learn more, check out the About section, follow me on Twitter @NicholasPaget, send me an email using nicholaspaget@gmail.com or just fill in the form below.


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