I'm currently the Head of Campaigns at R/GA London. I lead a team of 20 multi-disciplinary creatives who create impactful campaigns, build innovative systems and tell powerful stories on behalf of iconic global brands. I've won awards for Innovation, Integrated, Social, Mobile and Retail and a Grand Prix for Creative Data. Here’s some of my work.

"Make Google Do It" Integrated Campaign

To launch Google Assistant in Europe, I led a team of 40+ people across 4 markets: France, Germany, Italy and the UK. We tapped into local cultural conversations like who would play the next James Bond in the UK, we created contextual ads that guessed what people were thinking and we made ads that reacted to what was going on in the local news, all to make a single idea resonate in four different cultures.

WINNER: Integrated Campaign of the Year, Campaign Tech Awards

"Nike On Demand" Digital Activation

When we were asked to redefine the role that Nike played in athletes' lives, we didn't just tell people to Just Do It. We used Nike's athlete data and 1:1 messaging to create a brand new service that proved that Nike can actually help you Just Do It, whatever 'it' may be. All based on the insight that you’re more likely to get out of bed for a wake-up call than an alarm clock.

WINNER: Grand Prix, Creative Data, Eurobest
Clio Sports Gold for Digital/Mobile and Silver for Innovation
And many more.

Malaria No More “Speak Up” Campaign

When people stop talking about Malaria, it falls off of the political agenda and lives are put at risk. So to remind people that their voices have the power to help defeat Malaria, we created the world's first Voice Petition and a film in which David Beckham speaks with the voices of brave people on the front lines of the fight against Malaria. This campaign is just getting started but in its first day it received more than 240,000 signatures, temporarily crashing the site.

WINNER: Best use of AI for social good, CogX AI and Emerging Tech Awards

New Era NFL "Speak With Your Cap" Integrated Campaign

NFL fans are extremely proud and extremely loud. So to announce that New Era had become the official headwear provider of the NFL, we came up with a simple idea: New Era NFL caps aren’t just headwear, they’re loudspeakers that amplify your fandom. To bring this idea to life, we featured the most vocal NFL fans we could find in an integrated campaign that promoted and rewarded vocal fanaticism and invited all fans to Speak With Your Cap.

"Kijiji Productions" TV Campaign

When we were asked to drive traffic to Canada’s largest classifieds site, we demonstrated the incredible range of things available on the site by shooting TV spots that featured only items that were for sale in our area. 

Nike "Remember The Name" Online Campaign

Young athletes watch their heroes go from nobodies to household names and they dream that one day their own signatures might turn into autographs. So to launch the next generation of Nike sportswear to young audiences, we featured the next generation of Nike athletes in an online campaign that captured the attitude of young guns who aspire to greatness: Remember The Name.

Dewar's "The Drinking Man's Scotch" Integrated Campaign

To make a classic Scottish whisky more relevant in the USA, we moved away from the Highlands and gave Dewar’s a contemporary urban Scottish edge. We blended films like the ones below, media partnerships, influencer content and social activations to immerse audiences in the brand world of Glasgow’s gritty underbelly and to champion brand values like depth of character, individuality and brotherhood.

Nike Women “The Gurls Talk Podcast”

1 in 4 girls suffers from mental health problems by the time they turn fourteen. Sport can help them take control of their bodies and their minds but teenage girls don’t want to hear advice from anyone, especially a brand. So we partnered with supermodel/activist Adwoa Aboah’s organization ‘Gurls Talk’ to create a podcast that tackles important issues and proposes sport as a remedy.


#1 in Apple’s New and Noteworthy for 8 weeks
#1 in Health Podcasts
#8 in Apple Podcast Chart Overall

Sleeping Dogs "The Rules Are Different" Global Launch Film

To launch the video game Sleeping Dogs worldwide, we highlighted the game's unique undercover cop storyline. We juxtaposed the way a typical Hong Kong police officer is expected to act and the way the game's undercover protagonist operates.

Cirque du Soleil x Marvel Comics

Cirque du Soleil's Las Vegas show KA is an epic journey through a fantastical world of magic and adventure. So when we were asked to get younger male audiences excited about the show, we brought the show into fanboy culture. We partnered with Marvel Comics to create an original comic book telling the epic story of the show. We launched it at San Diego Comic Con and then gave fanboys the chance to be featured in it and immortalized in the Marvel universe, earning millions of impressions and loads of geek cred.


NIKEiD "Air Max Mirror" Interactive Out Of Home

Nike's customization platform NIKEiD makes it possible to create sneakers that match your personal style. So during Nike’s annual celebration of the iconic Air Max, we created interactive out-of-home that automatically generated custom Air Max to match the outfit of whoever is standing in front of it.

WINNER: Fast Company: Innovation By Design Awards, User Experience

New Era MLB "Wear Your Allegiance" Campaign

The New York Yankees fitted cap is a style icon, but baseball is losing relevance for young audiences. So during the MLB playoffs we invited people to wear their allegiance to New York culture, not just the New York Yankees. Instead of showing the cap on baseball players, our “Wear Your Allegiance” posters showed the Yankees cap in youth culture. And we invited people to “Wear Your Allegiance” at a live streamed BoilerRoom concert event in an old fire station in Brooklyn instead of at the old ball game at Yankee Stadium.


Nike Football “Origin Story”

As the name implies, Nike’s Hypervenom football boot makes for dangerous striking abilities. So to launch the latest in the series, we turned Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, a lethal striker who celebrates goals by putting on super hero masks, into a real superhero. We posted a Story on his Instagram that defied belief and suggested that the source of his superpowers was the bite of a Hypervenom boot. Then this fictional story spilled into the real world when Aubameyang put on a custom-made Hypervenom mask during a match. We spent zero media dollars, earned millions of impressions and all it cost was the €40,000 fine that Nike gladly paid.

Nike Reel

Nike is a ruthless thresher of an account that spits out the weak and hardens the strong. I wouldn't have it any other way. Over four years I oversaw five categories, a dozen creatives at a given time and literally hundreds of projects, from business transformation to film and everything in between. Here is the reel.

We took home Shots Awards for Best use of Outdoor
Webby Mobile Campaign Awards for Fashion, Luxury & Accessories
Brand Republic Digital Awards in Creative Technology, Fashion & Advertising
New Thinking Awards for Live Brand Experience
Shorty Awards for Best Use of WhatsApp
Just to name a few.

As I mentioned above, I am a Creative Director working in London. There's plenty more where this all came from so, if you'd like to see more film, more technology, more activations, or more campaigns, shoot me a note at nicholaspaget@gmail.com or just fill in the form below.


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